Shoots 2011
Whiston shoot 27th November
1st   Brian Matthews    100
2nd  Gordon Crossley  85
1st   Sam Burgin   65
2nd  Sam Fallows 30

Sandringham 30th oct 2011

Gents: First          Paul Atwood       110
          Second     Gordon Crossley  105
Ladies: First         Carole Tidd                90
           Second     Bernadette Stubbings  70
Juniours: First         Sam Burgin         130
              Second     Jordan                125

Results for the whiston shoot 25th Sep 2011

First Place:  Roger Moore   210
Second Place: Simon Stanley  171
First Place: Will Butler-Green  105
Second Place: Sam Fallows  45

Roy King Trophy 2011
Winner Stuart Smith

Midsummer Shoot 25th & 26th June 2011
         1st Gent: Mark Halliday  (arrowhead)
         2nd Gent: John Woollam
          3rd Gent: Andy Lymer
          1st Lady: Bernadette Stubbings  (arrowhead)
         2nd Lady: Elaine Columna
          3rd Lady: Ruth Lowbury
          1st Junior: Sam Fallows  (arrowhead)
         2nd Junior: Tom Norris
          3rd Junior: Katy Ankers
          Best shot of the day: Aaron Hendry    Hit the pole of a flag mark;
                               S. Stanley folding knife as a prize
          Andy Norris: Winner off a Heritage longbow 
                              donated by Mr Lee Ankers

 Vernal Equinox Shoot
 20th February 2011

1st Gent    Simon Stanley   175
 2nd Gent   Kris Burgin        165
3rd Gent   Stuart Smith      165
1st Junior Sam Burgin        105
2nd Juniors Katy Ankers     60
            Will Butler Green   60
3rd Junior   Aaron Hendry  55

Whiston Shoot 3rd April 2011
        1st Gent     David Hendry  120            1st Jnr   Tom Norris     95
                                               2nd Gent    Andy Norris    115            2nd Jnr   Aaron Hendry   30