Rules of Archery at Society Meetings. Equipment
  1. Bows will be of a traditional or ethnic type either Longbows, American flat bows, Recurve bows, Asiatic bows, Yumi bows, Mongol bows or other historical ethnic bow types.

  2. Compound bows will not be allowed

  3. Traditional historic wooden bodied cross bows will be allowed

  4. Bows used at society meetings will not have sights,rubber band sights, stabilisers, pressure buttons, draw length clickers or arrow retainers.

  5. Arrows shafts will be of wood only.

  6. Cane or reed arrows are allowed if used with an appropriate ethnic bow.

  7. Thumb rings are allowed if used with an appropriate ethnic bow

  8. Fletchings will be of natural bird feather only.

  9. Bodkins and medieval style arrow heads are allowed

  10. Other arrow heads that are historically appropriate to the arrow shaft and the bow will be allowed

  11. Cross bow quarrels will be made of wood

  12. Crossbow fletchings can be of leather or other historically appropriate materials

  13. No mechanical arrow release aids will be allowed.

Meeting Etiquette

  1. Competitors will at all times follow the instructions and requests of the meeting organisers

  2. Competitors will vacate the shooting line as soon as all arrows are loosed

  3. Competitors will shoot only from the designated shooting line or shooting area

  4. Competitors will not loose arrows over the heads of other competitors

  5. Competitors will not interfere with other competitors equipment

  6. Competitors will not loose arrows deliberately into unseen or dead ground.

  7. Meeting organisers reserve the right to remove any competitor for inappropriate or dangerous behaviour.

  8. Competitors will at all times act in a courteous and respectful manner to all other competitors.

Meeting Protocols
  1. Society meetings shall consist of single or mixed target types.

  2. Targets can be  Straw Bosses, 3D foam, Stakes, Wands, Popinjay masts, Marks or any other target appropriate to traditional types of archery.

  3. The number of targets or marks at each meeting will be at the discretion of the meeting organisers.

  4. The number of arrows loosed at each target or mark shall be at the discretion of the meeting organisers.

  5. Scoring will be scores of 12, 7, 5, and 3.

  6. Prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the meeting organisers.